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Romanians in America
Find out who the first Romanian in America was and what the census figures say about Romanians in today's United States. By Eugene S. Raica and Alexandru T. Nemoinu.

Romanian Diaspora
Romanian diaspora online. Includes links to Romanians in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, Japan, New Zealand, and more. In a combination of Romanian and English!

Romania and Romanians in Canada -- by D. McCormack Smyth
Presents a brief history of the why's and when's of Romanians in Canada. Also includes an overview of Romanian history -- you should note though that Romanians are descendants of Dacians (called Getae in other sources) and Romans; author overlooks that Dacians and Getae were different names for the same people.

How I Came to Immigrate to America
This is the most fascinating immigration story by a Romanian I have ever read online. Simona has left Romania with her mother . . . and dog, something unheard of under the Communists!! I resist the temptation to give you a quotation right here. Simona's gift for storytelling will surprise you all throughout the story, and I don't want to spoil the fun! Added: April 14, 2002.

Also from Simona: My School Years in Romania, in the 60's and 70's
Simona Georgescu's fantastic account of going to school in communist Romania, complete with pictures. Simona is now a mother of two girls going to school in the US, and she's able to draw very interesting comparisons for those who have experiences only one of these two different systems. If you wish to read more about Simona, see her start page here.


Email from Bangui
The formerly strong ties between Romania and the Central African Republic turn up in unexpected ways: in a brothel, or in a palace built for his Romanian wife by Bokassa, then ruler of the African country and friend of Romania's Ceausescu. By Lucy Jones, The Guardian, September 30, 2002. Much more along the same lines in Pacepa's book Red Horizons.

Attorney rewards woman's honesty; Romanian immigrant finds $1,300, returns it
Salomia Petrescu works at a cleaner's in Hendersonville, Tennessee. She found $1,300 in a pair of pants, returned it, and received a $100 reward which she said she wanted to send to a friend in Romania. By Tena Jamison Lee, The Hendersonville Star News, December 12, 2001. Added: April 14, 2002.

75,000 runners don't let rain damped wacky spirits at footrace
The Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco has just celebrated its 91st birthday;
this year the first woman to finish the race happened to be a Romanian:
Luminita Talpos. AP, Bay City News, on SFGate, May 19, 2002.
Added: May 24, 2002.

Civil War Buff Breezes Through Bees
It so happens that 14-year-old Romanian Mircea Raianu, now living in Syracuse, NY reached the first place in a US-wide French contest. Read about him here. Interview by Sarah Layden, The Syracuse Newspapers, July 12, 2001.

Romanian Poetry in English from Israel
Among the poets introduced on this page is Luiza Carol, with her own poetry and translation from Eminescu, Vasile Voiculescu, Alexandru Lungu, Anamaria Pop; then Felix Carol, N. Rabin, and several others authors published in Israel. Added: May 13, 2002.

Youth Pianists Shine in Chamber Recital
Andrei Vajiac, born in Romania and now a seventh-grader in Norman, Oklahoma, performs Haydn's Piano Concerto in D at Northwestern State University. By Nathan Brown, for The Times Record News, October 29, 2001. Added: November 1, 2001.

Italy Cracks Down on Immigrant Crime Wave
On the night of October 30 Giovanna Reggiani, a 47-year-old Italian woman, was robbed, beaten, raped and killed by the 24-year-old Romanian Gypsy Nicolae Romulus Mailat. The Rome event prompted the emergency adoption of a decree by Romano Prodi's cabinet on the night of October 28, which was signed into force on Thursday, October 29, by President Giorgio Napolitano. The decree makes possible the expulsion (without trial) of EU citizens "for reasons of public safety." The decree is arguably aimed at Romanians, identified in the prologue of the decree as "those who commit most crime." Seventy-five percent of those who "raped, stole and killed" in Rome this year were Romanians, says Rome's Mayor Walter Veltroni. Spiegel Online, November 2, 2007, and John Hooper, The Guardian, November 2, 2007. Added: November 3, 2007.

Romanian Gymnasts Abroad
Some of the Romanian gymnasts who made the headlines in the 1970s and 1980s now live abroad. Here's a bit about them and their lives today.

Daniela Silivas, Winner of 10 Olympic and World Titles, 1985-1989 (Added: October 20, 2005)

Daniela Silivas 10 time Olympic & World Champion Gold Medalist . . .
Collen Lou writes about Daniela Silivas's life and accomplishments, with a vivid description of "the Silivas" beam mount (photo on Min's Web pages -- see below), and a little about Silivas's life as a coach in the US, where she arrived at age 19.

Daniela Silivas-Harper and Husband Scott Have A Baby Boy!
Jadan Scott, the couple's first child, was born on April 8, 2004.

A Tribute to Daniela Silivas -- on Min's Gymnastics Home Page
Complete with bio, photographs (most of them by Eileen Langsley), links, and news.

Youngest Female Gymnastics Champ in One Event -- a Guiness World Record
The record belongs to Daniela Silivas, who, according to Guiness, was 14 years and 185 days old when she won the beam title at the 1985 World Championships in Montreal, Canada. She was in fact 13! The Romanian Gymnastics federation admitted in 1992 that at the time Daniela Silivas's age was falsified to allow her to compete at senior level.

Daniela Silivas, World & Olympic Medalist, Honored Inductee of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame
in 1992 Daniela Silivas was the youngest gymnast to be inducted in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. The Web page lists Silivas's results at the 1985 and 1987, 1989 World Championships, and the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.

Aurelia Dobre, 1987 World Champion (Added: October 20, 2005)

Aurelia Dobre
Aurelia Dobre is the 1987 World Champion, the first and only Romanian gymnast to win an All-Around World Championship title. (Lavinia Milosovici's career from 1990 to 1996 spanned six such Championships, but she never won All-Around title.) At Rotterdam in 1987 the Romanian team also won the gold title, and Dobre another gold for her beam performance. This page gives a few fast facts on Aurelia Dobre, and publishes her results and a short interview.

Aurelia Dobre: Golden Girl
The author of this page (an "Amanar Admirer") recalls Aurelia Dobre's performances and tells a little about her life before and after her retirement in 1991. He quotes Dobre as saying, in the magazine International Gymnast, "My worst experience is that I fell in love. I'm 18 years old right now, and don't know anything. I would rather have have a good teacher of love than a good gymnastics coach. They stole my youth. My youth has just started." Also mentioned is Aurelia Dobre's decision to pose for the Dutch Playboy, as well as her marriage to Boz Mofid. Aurelia Dobre now lives in Maryland with her husband Boz Mofid and their four sons. She is a coach at her husband's gym.

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