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Salt Lakes in Cojocna
(Romanian: [Băile] Cojocna, Hungarian: Kolozs/Kolozsakna)
Cluj County
If your summer itinerary includes Cluj-Napoca, you might want to detour 22 km to get to the seasonal resort in Cojocna.

While the charm of these two small lakes in the heart of nature will win you over, there are several things you need to keep in mind:
1. You won't be able to swim, but the fun of staying afloat in any position will probably make up for that one disadvantage.
2. Try not to dive: this is a no-splash environment.
3. Bring suntan (you might not be able to shop for any in the lakes area), and remember that salt brings wonderful health benefits.
4. Showers are satisfactory.
5. Admission cost is minimal: less than a dollar. It was 25,000 Lei when I visited on August 4, 2002. Parking your car inside cost 20,000 Lei, but there was also plenty of room outside the resort area.
6. You can certainly drive to Cojocna, but you may try the more picturesque route. I took a train from Cluj at 7:40 am, and walked 6 kilometers from the train station (30 minutes from Cluj) to the resort area. All those nature sounds and village life made for a memorable experience.
7. Food. I'd say bring your own. What they sell is more on the snacks, ice cream and soda side.

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