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The Holiday Season in Bucharest
(Romanian: Bucureşti)
December 2009
Remembering December 1989, Bucharest, Romania
Remembering December 1989

The headquarters of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party, where Ceauşescu called a meeting of 100,000 people on December 21, 1989. Some in the crowd began vocalizing their dissent with Ceauşescu and the regime. Part of the people, scared, left the scene; others took to the streets. On December 22 the Ceauşsescus fled Bucharest in a helicopter which had landed on this same building. Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu were summarily tried and executed on December 25, 1989.

Part of a photo and video exhibition commemorating the events of December 1989 -- 20 Years since the Romanian Revolution (December 18-25, 2009) -- in the University (Universitate) underground passage of the Bucharest metro. The exhibition was organized by Agerpres, The Union of the Romanian Revolutionaries [of] December 1989, The General Council of the Bucharest City Hall, and the Administration of Monuments and Touristic Patrimony.

More on the Ceauşescus, communism in Romania, and the events of 1989:

DVD (A&E Home Video, 1999): Ceausescu: The Unrepentant Tyrant

Book from Cornell University Press (2007): The Romanian Revolution of December 1989

Novel by Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller: The Land of Green Plums

Book by Katherine Verdery, Professor of Anthropology at CUNY: National Ideology Under Socialism: Identity and Cultural Politics in Ceausescu's Romania (Societies and Culture in East-Central Europe)

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