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The Bears Cave (Peştera Urşilor),
in Chiscau (Chişcău), Bihor County
Landscape, Chiscau, Transylvania
Photo taken in Chiscau, near the Bears Cave (Pestera Ursilor), a karst cave in Chiscau, Bihor county (Transylvania).

The Bears Cave was discovered in 1975 when miners dynamited in the local marble quarry. They found a cave approx. 1,5km long (on two levels) and 0.5m high, formed in tens of thousands of years. It was named Bears Cave after the many fossil remains of a certain species of bear (cave bear: Ursus spelaeus), extinct for some 15,000 years now.

The upper level was equipped with pathways, banisters and electric light and made available to a public who now visits the cave in great numbers.

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